Our Team

We are made up of good characters.

Our team develops AI-technology to understand audiences and what makes stories successful. 

We love stories. All stories. Everything from film to TV, streaming, video games, podcasts, and emerging storytelling media. We’re a team of innovative, analytical, and creative data scientists, research analysts, audience strategists, and creatives working hard to empower the art of storytelling.

Our Leadership

Insights by industry experts.
We understand the challenges you face every day and we are here to help you solve them.

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We operate at the cross-section of content and technology. Our leadership team has developed films, won screenwriting awards, produced TV shows, developed AI solutions and worked at top media companies. Our collective experience and passion for the art of storytelling drives us to develop best-in-class technology solutions for today’s content revolution.

Portrait photo of Monica Landers of StoryFit

Monica Landers

Founder & CEO

  • Entrepreneur & AI Leadership
  • Holds Multiple Media Tech Patents
  • Advisor to Techstars and Comcast Incubators
Portrait photo of Marc Evans StoryFit

Marc Evans


  • Co-Founder & CEO of Intrepid Pictures
  • CFO of Revolution Studios
  • Produced 12 movies via Universal, STX, Lionsgate
Portrait photo of Kymn Goldstein of StoryFit

Kymn Goldstein

Head of Revenue & Growth

  • Experience monetizing content
  • SVP Sales News Corporation
  • COO Allied Global Marketing (Fox, WB, Disney, Netflix)
Portrait photo of Andy Terrel of StoryFit

Andy R. Terrel


  • PhD, Computer Sciences from the University of Chicago
  • Founding team of Anaconda, popular data science platform
  • CTO for multiple start-ups
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StoryFit Company News

Company News

We have a softspot for great writing

StoryFit Partners with MediaXchange, Expands Global Footprint
Bringing StoryFit’s groundbreaking AI story analytics to UK, Europe, and Canada with September speaking engagements at Content Canada, ...
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What do James Cameron, Justine Bateman, and Monica Landers all have in common? Read Todd Spangler's newest piece ...
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In essence, StoryFit analyses scripts, assessing their marketability; where they fit with audiences; and how each element of ...
Public Events

Chances are, StoryFit is there.

From NAB to SXSW, Cannes Film Festival, and the European Film Market to the London Book Fair, we love sharing our experience with others. When we’re not talking, we’re watching loads of movies and our happy hour talk frequently slips into our new streaming obsessions or the books we can’t put down. Hey, it’s just who we are…we love stories. Storytelling is in our DNA.

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Entertainment Analytics Experts

Are we your perfect fit?

The people you spend your days with play a huge role in your personal story. That’s why the StoryFit team is passionate about helping each other challenge ourselves and find meaning and purpose in our work every day.

Are you ready to play a leading role in our story?

Our Investors

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"The first technology that connects story and character elements to audience success."

— Kymn Goldstein

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“Storyfit provides a new opportunity for developing a story, it helps provide insights that can be used to guide the creator to a higher goal.”

— Chelsea Harris Lee, Uproot Pictures

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"At StoryFit, we leverage and develop new methods for honoring and understanding audiences as dynamic and complex story-driven systems."

 - Clare Grall, Ph.D. Behavioral Scientist

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"If any Hollywood executive isn't continuously asking themselves, 'how can I make this better,' they're doing something wrong. StoryFit is a tool for this."

— Matthew Bierman, Independent Producer and former Studio Executive

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“It was great to see that our intentions mapped and that gives us a lot of confidence because guessing is expensive.”

— Sean Platt, Sterling & Stone

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“We could have definitely used this 9 months ago pre-production.”

— Studio Exec.