How search terms affect how well–or poorly–your book sells

predictive metadata is crucial to high-performing page rankingsHow the right keywords increase the discoverability and sales of your book

The two main ways an audience finds a new book to read are through recommendations and keyword searches. Recommendations range from casual suggestions from friends and families all the way to sophisticated recommendation engines found on websites. These engines (software programs) generate similar titles to the book one is considering or has read. (Learn more on recommendation engines from this Dataconomy article) Many consider current recommendation engines hit or miss.

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Julie Rieger,Former Fox President, Chief Data Strategist, and Head of Media, joins Board of Directors

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We’re thrilled to announce the appointment of former 20th Century Fox President, Chief Data Strategist, and Head of Media Julie Rieger to the board of directors. Julie has overseen record-breaking movie revenues including Avatar, Deadpool, Deadpool 2, The X-Men trilogies, The Martian, The Ice Age movies, Planet of the Apes, and others. In her 10 years at Fox, her efforts oversaw the release of 221 movies totaling almost $14 billion in domestic revenue.

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AI Uncovered 5 Fascinating Insights About This Year’s Best Picture Oscar Nominees

2020 was a year of unprecedented change, but one thing helped us get through it — entertainment! Whether it was seeking comfort in old favorites or binging on something new, universally, our life was improved by launching into the world of story. With the loss of many theatrical releases, the Oscars look a little different this year. However, there’s still a lot to celebrate. 

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“If it’s useful it’s not creepy:” The changing attitude towards AI in the workplace

Over the past few months, you may have heard stories about AI in the workplace that are more Rosie from the Jetsons and less Hal from 2001. Not surprising. What was once an indefinite, ominous tech villain is now a suite of tangible solutions that some people can use in their everyday lives. As noted by Wired, “AI is now powerful enough to make a solid first attempt at countless complex tasks, but it’s not so powerful that it seems threatening.” While we may not be living in the “golden age of AI,” we are in the middle of “the golden age of AI-enhanced productivity.”

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Video: Get episodic insights and capture an audience early

StoryFit offers support throughout the creative development of a series. Our tools can measure a story at both the episode level and the series level to reveal important and telling elements. Watch this How It Works video to learn more about how you can get answers to questions about your episodic script.

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