Book Expo- It’s Time for Publishers to Innovate and Monetize AI and AR

Posted: April 30, 2020  |  Updated: December 9, 2022

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Last week, Book Expo held its first educational webinar, “It’s Time for Publishers to Innovate and Monetize with AI and AR,” 

We were happy to see Book Expo keeping their brand top-of-mind after canceling the fair. We were also curious about what they would share, as we have heard from clients that many AI/AR talks are so futuristic that they are not practical or helpful.

After listening, we were impressed. This talk gives actionable advice and helps creatives think about artificial intelligence in a new light – as a tool. It cuts straight to the point and answers critical questions like: Why is NOW the right time for publishers to innovate, and what are the NEW technologies that can help publishers improve their bottom line?

Thus, we would highly recommend it.

Discussed were the key reasons companies innovate. The two that were emphasized for publishers were: (1). De-risk and improve decision-making (2.) Gain a competitive advantage and create differentiators.


Lee Huang, former digital strategy and innovation leader at NBC Universal,  Hachette and Barnes&Noble, mentioned the goal should NOT be to implement AI, but the goal should be to solve a meaningful business challenges. Next, the organization should think about what technology can help solve that problem. Lastly, Lee shared specific examples of how publishers and authors are embracing AI to solve particular problems.

On that note, we were thrilled to be included. Lee shared some of StoryFit’s AI-powered capabilities: Story Analysis, Slush Pile Sorting, and Keywords.  StoryFit helps publishers de-risk expensive investments by delivering objective story analysis and has tools to automate low-value tasks. Below are the product slides that mention StoryFit; they are self-explanatory.






Please watch the video; It can get you up to speed on ways to innovate in under an hour. And as always, we’d love to hear your feedback. Did you find it helpful?

We hope to see you at Book Expo next year!