StoryFit Closes Funding

AUSTIN, Texas, March 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — StoryFit, a rapid-growth technology company which continues to break new ground providing predictive AI analytics for the publishing and entertainment industry today announced that it has raised $1.75 million in new funding, led by New York-based ff Venture Capital (IndieGogo, Omaze, Livefyre). Participating tech and media investors include Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments (BDMI), Ascend Venture Capital, prominent Boston-area angel Walt Winshall,…

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Why stories matter–and how technology can serve them

why stories matter storyfitStories are important. They help us create our world. Now, maybe more than ever, it’s critical that we understand our stories. We use stories not only to inform our developing minds, but to make sense of the unexplainable. Whenever something bad happens, we ask “why?” We construct a story around the circumstances –identify the hero,

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What can a StoryFit Content Insights tell you?

What can a StoryFit Content Insights tell you

Each StoryFit Content Insights Report delivers specific insights to the most important elements of the story: Major Characters, Major Themes, Action. Dialogue, Emotion and Tone, Locations and Plot features.  In this series we’ll give some examples of real movie scripts that StoryFit’s Artificial Intelligence ingested and what it reveals.

Before diving into any script, you

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What is AI Story Analytics?

Storytelling is human nature

StoryFit is single-mindedly focused on applying the latest AI technology to the entertainment industry. We’re passionate about the intersection of technology and media and dedicated to improving the process of storytelling.

Our artificial intelligence service is specifically built to solve the most common challenges publishing and entertainment companies face in delivering the right content at the right time and to the right audience. We bring deep content and audience insight to editorial development, marketing, and sales while reducing risk, costs and delays

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