StoryFit for Executives

Why fix it in post?

Save time and costs, avoid risks, and predict audience resonance from the very first draft.

StoryFit uses AI technology to analyze movie and television scripts for studio executives and producers.
Savings on development.

Additionally, savings of 10% on production; 50% on reshoots; and 25% on marketing.

Audience prediction models.

Predict audience responses to story features directly from the script.

Scripts in StoryFit library.

And adding more every day!

Story Intelligence. Game Changer.

  • Understand your story’s true potential.

  • Build appealing, multi-dimensional characters.

  • Maximize audience enjoyment and engagement.

  • Reduce production time and costs.

  • And much more!

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“Storyfit provides a new opportunity for developing a story, it helps provide insights that can be used to guide the creator to a higher goal.”

— Chelsea Harris Lee, Uproot Pictures

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"At StoryFit, we leverage and develop new methods for honoring and understanding audiences as dynamic and complex story-driven systems."

 - Clare Grall, Ph.D. Behavioral Scientist

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“It was great to see that our intentions mapped and that gives us a lot of confidence because guessing is expensive.”

— Sean Platt, Sterling & Stone

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"The first technology that connects story and character elements to audience success."

— Kymn Goldstein

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Supercharge your project -

limit your risk and maximize your outcome.

Help your content resonate with its audience.

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