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StoryFit reveals your story's superpowers, champions creativity, validates gut instincts and maximizes your story's potential.

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Powering Story Intelligence with StoryFit

By utilizing advanced entertainment analytics, StoryFit empowers both storytellers and story sellers. Our unique approach combines Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning to translate vast amounts of data into measurable answers to your pressing questions. The end result? Customizable, actionable insights delivered straight to your inbox, enhancing your storytelling and business decisions in the entertainment industry.

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Audience Insights

Will the story resonate with viewers and who is the audience?

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Narrative Insights

What are the story’s superpowers, risks, and opportunities?

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Character Insights

Will my characters be appealing and strong enough to carry the story?

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“Storyfit provides a new opportunity for developing a story, it helps provide insights that can be used to guide the creator to a higher goal.”

— Chelsea Harris Lee, Uproot Pictures

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"At StoryFit, we leverage and develop new methods for honoring and understanding audiences as dynamic and complex story-driven systems."

 - Clare Grall, Ph.D. Behavioral Scientist

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"If any Hollywood executive isn't continuously asking themselves, 'how can I make this better,' they're doing something wrong. StoryFit is a tool for this."

— Matthew Bierman, Independent Producer and former Studio Executive

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“It was great to see that our intentions mapped and that gives us a lot of confidence because guessing is expensive.”

— Sean Platt, Sterling & Stone

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“We could have definitely used this 9 months ago pre-production.”

— Studio Exec.

Entertainment Analytics Insights

Find your StoryFit

StoryFit brings together insightful perspectives, industry expertise, and content analytics from our team of thought leaders to help you stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of storytelling.

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Research & Insights

Predictive is proactive. Lead the way with early, automated, actionable insights directly from the script

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Creatives & Development

Your vision, validated. Confirm your creative instincts with powerful insights directly from your script.

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Marketing & Sales

Spot scenes that sell. Know how to connect to your target audience, with early insights directly from the script.

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Executives & Producers

Great stories are good business. Superpower producing, calculate your risk-taking, and resonate with your audience.

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25% savings on development. Additionally, savings of 50% on reshoot costs; 10% on production; and 25% on marketing.

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