Creativity + Data: The complete picture.

We maximize your story’s potential.

The content marketplace is competitive. Million-dollar decisions get made every day, and audiences have more choices than ever before. Find out what you need to know to connect to audiences, save money, reduce risk, and increase your story’s potential.

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Development Insights

Creativity is an art. Entertainment is big business. We uncover your story’s strengths, risks and opportunities – revealing how audiences are likely to respond pre-production.

Audience Positioning

Better audience insights earlier. Know who your audience is and what aspects of your story will appeal and engage them. Identify target, secondary and adjacent audiences – and cultivate the best messaging strategy for each.

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Content Optimization

Explore and power your content using StoryFit Sherlock, the world’s best audience predictive platform. Put the power of your content at your fingertips and discover which content will drive your audience.

Custom Data Solutions

StoryFit data can help solve your business puzzle, improve first-party data models, and drive automation. Vetted and tested by the largest companies, our models outperform IBM Watson.