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We maximize your story’s potential.

The content marketplace is competitive. Million-dollar decisions get made every day, and audiences have more choices than ever before. Find out what you need to know to connect to audiences, save money, reduce risk, and increase your story’s potential.

We’re different. Here’s why:

StoryFit’s AI Engine uses 100’s of proprietary models to measure 100,000+ story components matched against millions of audience data points to create the best possible opportunity for success.

500 proprietary ai models
7 million character dimensions
26 million audience judgements

We help you see the big picture.

Getting deep insights into your content has never been easier. Here’s how easy it is to get started.

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Tell Us Your Story.

We work with the largest studios and streamers and the smallest independent content creators across storytelling platforms and industries.

Story & Audience Insights

Beginning pre-development and throughout a story’s lifecycle, StoryFit’s data insights help you make smart decisions impacting each stage: development, production, marketing and distribution. What makes your story work and how audiences will respond is a launchpad for hundreds of metrics we use to identify areas for audience connection and demand.


Your content is your most valuable resource. StoryFit Sherlock is the world’s best predictive audience sentiment platform for analyzing and optimizing your content. Unlock the power of your content and discover which content will connect and engage audiences.

Metadata & Custom Solutions

Put StoryFit’s data to work within your ecosystem and platforms. Evaluate risk and understand your content’s relevance. Tag, categorize and optimize your content library. Leverage great stories into new opportunities. Get robust, long-tail metadata and keywords on your titles and releases.