AI Script Analysis as the Missing Piece to the Puzzle

Posted: July 7, 2023  |  Updated: July 7, 2023

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Even the most seasoned of professionals question the strength and relevance of their story before it’s released.

StoryFit recently worked with a longtime independent producer and former executive for studio giants like Paramount and Warner Media, who’s creative projects range from superhero franchises to heartfelt romantic comedies.

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His latest venture is a lower-budget Horror-Thriller film, centered around supernatural elements and mythological creatures.

After fleshing out the idea for some time and getting a couple of initial passes on the writing, he wanted more insights.

“There were a couple of things in the script where I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew it wasn’t quite there,” he said. This is where StoryFit came in. 

Using AI-powered story intelligence, StoryFit provided a quick analysis of his story’s comps, narrative structure & elements, characters & audience potential. 

This enabled him to envision his script in a new way, shedding light on the strengths of his story and potential opportunities for further development.

“Anytime you can look at something from a slightly different angle, it’s helpful,” he said. “You want a new set of eyes, but in particular, sometimes you want the set of eyes that doesn’t share your skill set.”

In addition to story and character breakdowns, StoryFit delivers concise and predictive audience insights, helping creatives and executives evaluate their audience’s viewing interests and determine the likelihood that viewers would resonate with their story.

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StoryFit’s Audience Affinity

“StoryFit’s analysis was really interesting because there were a couple of other ways to view the material in the script that I would not have been privy to in terms of marketing and who watches these movies.” 

In a First Look insights report, StoryFit offers key audience demographics and personalized performance ranges. 

By comparing your story against its most similar comps, you get a concise and realistic depiction of your script’s performance potential. This enables producers and creatives to get an accurate comparison against the best version of what they’re trying to do.  

Receiving validation on the parts that work well is also a plus.

This producer had spent a considerable amount of time researching the mythology and background of some of the creatures in his story, and to hear that it was resonating with audiences of the Horror-Thriller genre was “really helpful,” he said.

Understanding that audiences like characters with stronger characteristics may seem self-explanatory, but actually seeing the data analytics brought this to light in a real way, confirming some of his own suspicions about his story’s supporting cast.

“The lead character meets a lot of the criteria, but the secondary characters don’t feel as filled out as they could be. I was concentrating on the scares, but it did make me realize the importance of this,” he said. 

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Knowing what parts of a script are strong and will resonate with audiences versus what needs further development can be a game changer in getting a script to green light.

“I think you get to a point as a producer where you feel like you’ve brought the script as far as you can,” he reiterated. “But if you know that there’s still something missing, any tool you can use to figure out what that is is helpful.” StoryFit proved to be that missing link.

Is StoryFit the missing piece to your puzzle? 

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