StoryFit Takes Center Stage at Content London

Posted: December 4, 2023  |  Updated: December 5, 2023

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Founder and CEO of StoryFit, Monica Landers, delivered presentations this past weekend on the integration and impact of AI on business and creativity at Content London.

Taking place over the course of three days, five venues, and attracting nearly 3,000 content creators and executives, Content London is the world’s leading development marketplace and conference.

The conference offers buyers, coproducers, and creators the opportunity to come together to share the latest advancements in content production. It also serves as a place where industry leaders and executives can engage with attendees to offer insights into the future of film and television.

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A beautiful second day at Content London.  Credit: Simon Wilkinson ©
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A portrait of the Renaissance Hotel, St. Pancreas. Credit: Charlie Forgham-Bailey ©

The focus of this year’s prompt start discussion was the current topic on every attendee’s mind: How will AI change the content business?

StoryFit’s founder and CEO, Monica Landers, led two very targeted discussions weaving together her expertise in AI, emerging technology, and media. 

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Landers works to instill confidence in attendees incorporating AI into existing processes and teams. Credit: Olly Hassell ©

Prior to the Content London conference event, Landers led an informational seminar at the AI Academy-sponsored discussion, “An Introduction to AI For The Content Business.” 

The workshop, “Mastering AI Integration: Essential Inquiries for Content Business Companies and Teams,” discussed the key considerations when integrating these new technologies. The talk included but moved beyond essential questions like what to ask vendors about AI, whether or not to outsource, and other common misconceptions of AI.

Monica tackled the challenges she’s seen firsthand when companies begin to work with disruptive technologies and detailed how to support internal teams who are the most impacted. 

Navigating change management is always challenging, but effective and clear communication can make all the difference in incorporating new technology within this rapidly evolving environment. 

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Landers speaking at “Harmonizing Creativity and AI: Real-Life Insights.” Credit: Simon Wilkinson ©

This speaking engagement offered real-life insights into how creative decisions can be assisted by new technology and what research StoryFit has done by incorporating story intelligence to streamline the production process and harmonize creativity for a new era of storytelling. 

StoryFit’s deep dive into the differences between American and British humor in film and television was a big hit. 

While many new initiatives have begun to incorporate AI into media creation, few companies like StoryFit can deliver insights so early in the process.

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The Future Content Trends Report Panel taking place at the beautiful, King’s Place. Despite the large space, the audience engaged in frequent interaction with presenters. Credit: Simon Wilkinson ©

StoryFit hopes to continue the conversation surrounding AI and the film industry by speaking openly about the benefits of machine learning in the entertainment industry and helping to stifle fears associated with using this kind of technology.

To learn more about Content London or the work StoryFit is doing to advance the creative process, explore our website or get in touch with us.