StoryFit’s CEO Monica Landers referenced in MarketWatch’s Hollywood and AI Report.

Posted: May 3, 2023  |  Updated: May 11, 2023

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“The conversation has shifted from ‘this is not possible’ to a pervasive fear of being replaced. ‘But that’s my job,” says StoryFit CEO, Monica Landers. 

Senior MarketWatch reporter, Jon Swartz sat down with Landers to talk about Hollywood, AI, and creative empowerment.

The recent Hollywood writer’s strike has generated significant conversation around the future of entertainment and AI’s place within the industry. 

As artificial intelligence continues to transform our writing, and more leaders look towards resources like ChatGPT to help with content creation, a growing concern about displacement has enabled many screenwriters to become weary of this technology.  

WGA members have recently gone on strike in an attempt to garner better working conditions and improved regulation of AI.

But this view may be missing the purpose of these tools, says Monica Landers, founder and CEO of StoryFit, a software company that aims to educate hundreds of WGA members on how to use AI as a creative tool. 

“When cameras were invented, painters thought this was the end for us in painting portraits. And that wasn’t true. People are putting up protective walls, which can block them from using technology,” she says.

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