ScriptCheck Supercharges Your Script Process

Posted: July 6, 2023  |  Updated: July 7, 2023

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You asked, we delivered.

After more than a year of feedback from clients of all sizes seeking a way to evaluate multiple pre-development scripts in one place, we built ScriptCheck.

It’s StoryFit’s most affordable and intelligent way to predict script success. 

Applying revolutionary AI technology, ScriptCheck allows you to quickly understand and evaluate large amounts of scripts, to help you better understand what you have to make more informed decisions about where to focus your efforts. It’s AI technology in a simple tool anyone can use!

In beta, we’re already hearing fantastic results from clients! 

ScriptCheck allows you to better understand your story, so you can prioritize what matters most. 

A mid-sized entertainment agency had a backlog of scripts in their system, with little to no idea of which ones had the most potential. 

With ScriptCheck, they were able to seamlessly upload their mountain of scripts onto one private and secure platform. 

In under an hour, ScriptCheck generated a full analysis on each script, revealing the vital information the agency needed to know –  like story strength, viewership potential, and the key elements to the story – in order to make a final decision about next steps.

This piece of cutting edge technology, in an easy to use package, provides entertainment professionals with the solution to revolutionize the script analysis process and their ROI!

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With ScriptCheck, users can categorize and optimize their scripts to meet their own specific needs!

A recent studio client had multiple versions of a script they were working on, but were unsure which draft was the strongest or which version would resonate the most with viewers.

They used ScriptCheck to get quick and reliable feedback to help them narrow down the best version to send into development. 

In addition to generating a full script summary, ScriptCheck displays other key metrics of your story, like the top three genres present (in order of relative strength), viewership potential, and critical appeal predictions. 

Knowing how viewers might respond to each version of the story helped the studio immediately recognize which script was worth developing and which stories needed more work. 

At StoryFit, we know that guessing can be expensive, which is why with ScriptCheck, users know the strength and potential of their story before it gets to greenlight. 

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It’s the solution for taking the weekend off!

If your whole team has a mountain of scripts to sift through, don’t you want them reading the best ones first?

ScriptCheck is the most powerful, efficient way to sort through the weeds to get to the treasure! After uploading content onto the platform, users can sort, rank, and filter through their scripts based on their specific selection criteria. 

Exporting the data is super easy and convenient for sharing across teams to supercharge future development discussions – successfully saving valuable time and money.

After uploading a series of development scripts onto the ScriptCheck platform, one production company commented on how seamless it made cross-team communication.

In providing them with a common language for getting up to speed, the team was able to quickly get on the same page about their script status and future development. 

StoryFit provides all kinds of solutions to help teams tell the stories they want to tell, to the audiences that are eager to hear them. 

Get started with ScriptCheck today and never second guess another script. 

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