Webinar: What character networks & audience preferences suggest about the new normal

Register for our newest webinar, Welcome to the age of streaming drama: What character-networks & audience preferences suggest about the new normal. What you will learn: - Why a shift toward episodic means a shift toward drama - What character network reveal about stories - How do network features reveal aspects of storylines that lead to success? - And so…

Webinar: Improving Book to Screen Adaptations, Little Women Case Study

Hollywood is in the midst of a book adaptation boom — studio execs are perusing bookshelves for the next big hit! Experts agree that some of the recent successes have been attributed to filmmakers paying closer attention to the source material. After all, if your project has a large fan base, it’s important to stay true to the brand.

Webinar: Boosting Sales with Keyword Metadata

When: Wednesday, March 28 @ 10 a.m. CST / 11 a.m. EST| What: Webinar: Why Keyword Metadata is Critical to Sales | Where: Online StoryFit works with publishers of all size and has seen how impactful a robust keyword program can be. Injecting backlist titles with keywords can increase sales online for titles that haven't sold in months. One publisher we work with saw…