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( Smithsonian ) - StoryFit
StoryFit Partners with MediaXchange, Expands Global Footprint

Bringing StoryFit’s groundbreaking AI story analytics to UK, Europe, and Canada with September speaking engagements at Content Canada, Content London, and Oslo’s Series Days.  “We’re seeing a real energy towards trying to adopt these new tools from an international standpoint,” says Monica Landers, Founder and CEO at StoryFit. “Many entertainment professionals have expressed their interest…

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StoryFit featured in Variety AI Article

What do James Cameron, Justine Bateman, and Monica Landers all have in common? Read Todd Spangler’s newest piece on AI and Entertainment to find out! As advancements in AI technology continue to evolve at an unprecedented pace, the entertainment landscape faces a potential disruption as AI-driven systems improve. While it remains essential to evaluate the…

( engadget ) - StoryFit
StoryFit Referenced in The Tech Education Article

In essence, StoryFit analyses scripts, assessing their marketability; where they fit with audiences; and how each element of the narrative resonates. The film industry remains a high-risk market today, with vast sums of investment required so that production can start and a long wait until the movie starts generating returns. StoryFit analyses data to find…

( fast company ) - StoryFit
StoryFit and Kouo Announce Partnership and Joint Study in Predicting Audience Sentiment

Groundbreaking partnership and insightful findings offer advancements in cost reduction and forecasting success for future entertainment content. Despite using different modalities at different stages of a content’s life cycle (pre-production vs post-production), Kouo proves StoryFit can successfully predict the rating of the pilot episodes of two Crime-Drama-Mystery shows – Clarice and Killing Eve –  highlighting moments of peak audience…

( forbes ) - StoryFit
StoryFit Included in Tech Bubble’s List of Trailblazing Austin Startups

Austin, Texas is renowned for its vibrant tech ecosystem, and within this thriving hub, a plethora of exciting machine learning startups are making their mark. These companies are harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and data science to drive innovation across various industries. In this article, we delve into 15 remarkable machine learning startups…

( Marketwatch featured 1 ) - StoryFit
AI is Going to Change the Way Entertainment is Made. Will it be for Better or Worse?

“I’ve heard multiple times that it’s not necessarily using fewer people, but that individuals are more productive,” said Monica Landers, the CEO of StoryFit. “There is a level of excitement about the future.” Senior MarketWatch reporter, Jon Swartz references StoryFit Founder and CEO, Monica Landers in his latest article on the ways AI is revolutionizing the…

( Sonoro featured 1 ) - StoryFit
Sonoro Partners with StoryFit to Accelerate Company’s Audio and TV Projects.

Unique Collaboration Utilizes StoryFit’s AI-Powered Predictive Audience Insights StoryFit, a rapid-growth AI technology company providing machine learning and audience insights for the entertainment industry, and Sonoro, a groundbreaking global entertainment company, announced the industry’s first partnership to accelerate the development of podcast content for film, TV, and streaming aided by AI-powered predictive audience insights. Keep…

( Marketwatch featured ) - StoryFit
StoryFit’s CEO Monica Landers referenced in MarketWatch’s Hollywood and AI Report.

“The conversation has shifted from ‘this is not possible’ to a pervasive fear of being replaced. ‘But that’s my job,” says StoryFit CEO, Monica Landers.  Senior MarketWatch reporter, Jon Swartz sat down with Landers to talk about Hollywood, AI, and creative empowerment. The recent Hollywood writer’s strike has generated significant conversation around the future of…

Forbes Article
Can Artificial Intelligence Help The Film Industry? It Already Is.

“Artificial intelligence (AI) has demonstrated proficiency across various sectors, but matching human ingenuity remains elusive.” For example, I recently discovered that the film industry uses AI for script development. I thought it was a bunch of screenwriters using ChatGPT because they were lazy or suffering from writer’s block. But companies like StoryFit are using AI…

Fast Company Article
You can’t spell humanity without A and I: Dispelling fear about the future of AI and the creative class

“I believe it’s much more likely that AI will emerge as a collaborator, rather than a competitor in the creative space.” Keep reading on