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Screencaptures from a Smithsonian article, reading "This Texas company is fighting Hollywood's gender inequality with hard data from movie scripts: StoryFit uses artificial intelligence to analyze film scripts for how characters are portrayed by gender."
This Texas Company Is Fighting Hollywood’s Gender Inequality With Hard Data From Movie Scripts

“The analytics aren’t telling you what to do. They’re telling you ‘this is what you’re doing. Is this what you intend?’ StoryFit is here to help the movie industry to really gut-check their decisions.” Recent events have gotten Hollywood and the nation talking about sexism in the film industry, from sexual harassment to the dearth of…

Screencaptures from an Engadget article, reading "AI reveals eve more about Hollywood gender bias: StorhFit analyzes male and female personality types onscreen."
AI reveals even more about Hollywood gender bias

“Using machine-learning, sentiment analysis and natural language processing, StoryFit’s approach demonstrates new ways to break apart narratives and character personality.” Here’s what we know about how women are portrayed in Hollywood cinema: Male characters speak far more often than female ones. Men talk more about achievement, whereas women tend towards positive and emotional language. The majority of…

Screencaptures from a Texas Standard article, reading "Are women's voices being heard in this year's Oscar-contending films? An Austin firm uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to tell us which Best Picture nominees included the most female representation."
Are women’s voices being heard in this year’s Oscar-contending films?

“With Artificial Intelligence, StoryFit has been looking at questions of female representation in films from the past year.” With primary day fast approaching, reporters reading the Texas political tea leaves are seeing more blue. Karen Tumulty of the Washington Post joins us today on the Standard. And: Southeast Texans remember trying to get around during…

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How one publisher boosted engagement over 100% with StoryFit

From Dayna Anderson, Publisher, Amberjack Publishing “The StoryFit market reports are like roadmaps for my editors.” As a small, independent book publisher, Amberjack Publishing has a similar goal as its larger counterparts: deliver great books to its target audience. With only a handful of staff members and a limited infrastructure, how does Amberjack stay competitive?…