Podcast – Leadership NOW: In Conversation With… Monica Landers

Posted: April 25, 2023  |  Updated: May 5, 2023

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StoryFit’s founder and CEO, Monica Landers sits down with Leadership Strategist and Award-Winning Author, Dan Pontefract to discuss StoryFit, Artificial Intelligence, the hit HBO show “The Last of Us,” and audience positioning. It’s a fascinating chat.

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Highlights from Monica’s chat with Dan:

On AI: “It has really changed suddenly.. Three years ago it was more that AI can’t do this, like if we mention that we’re using AI the pushback was, ‘yeah that’s not possible.’ That was the hurdle we had to overcome, to really show how this works. And now it’s ‘Oh now we can see what AI can do,’ it’s much more mainstream, everyone’s touching it a little more closely.” 

On Storytelling: “Using AI, how can we understand what makes a story a story? And this is a huge question because it means you’re measuring the things that are the most human about us. We tell stories to connect, to educate, to learn, to express, to share. Storytelling, I believe, is humanity. We can use this technology to really uncover stories – stories that aren’t being told..stories that have power.”

On Reducing Risk: “Really what we’re looking at is bringing something to the table that humans can’t do. This is a high risk environment, the people that are creating these films are taking a risk… so what (StoryFit) is bringing to the table is doing things that they can’t do.”

On StoryFit’s Evolution: “We started in publishing, and that was just a place where I saw a huge need for technology support and also just thought we could have a really big impact – and we did…but you have to continue to look for growth and what we learned is that industry was moving at a different speed.”

On Leadership: “True leadership is a clear vision, clear communication, empowering the people to do their work and giving them some room to make mistakes.”

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